It Makes Sense to Eat at C-Level

If you are looking for a good high-end meal in Bonita Springs, you may want to try C-Level. C-Level is located on Bonita Beach Road about a quarter of as mile west of Route 41. The restaurant features French cuisine. Eileen and I had the pleasure of dining there last night with John, our new friend who stays across the road from us at Sanctuary RV Resort and originally hales from Ohio.

The first thing that strikes you as you enter the restaurant is the unique décor. The bulk of the lighting is a soothing blue, which according to John, was mentioned in some of the reviews as being a remedy for those who suffer from migraines. I am not sure if that is true, or someone’s idea of humor, but the blue is soothing. There is a pronounced sea motif with portholes strategically placed and a large video aquarium on the wall in the midst if the shelves maintaining the wine collection.  The blue lighting is accented everywhere with silver hammered metal accenting representing the metal you might see on large ships. Even the menu features the hammered metal look on the front and back cover.


But we did not come to soothe a migraine or for the décor. The quality of the food was highly recommended. The restaurant has a fairly extensive wine list and we happened to arrive at the right time. The alcoholic beverages are limited to beer and wine. As it happened drinks were three dollars before six and it was 5:45. Who says that early bird dining does not have its advantages.  Although I stuck to a beer, John and Eileen enjoyed a tasty Moscato.

The menu is fairly inclusive featuring several seafood dishes as can be imagined, but beef, poultry, and pastas were also offered. We decided to try an artisanal cheese platter as an appetizer. The cheese platter could have been the meal as far as we were concerned. It featured a healthy portion of six or seven different cheeses including Brie, goat, blue, camembert, and also included fig and prune jams, dates, pralines, apple slices, grapes and a section of honey. It was served with a basket of garlic bread and crackers and we had three basket refills.


Artisinal Cheese Platter

The entrees were a bit on the pricey side but both the quality and quantity were worth the price. At a quick glance it appeared that the average entrée was in the forty-dollar range. That is more than we are used to spending usually, but you only live once – unless you’re Shirley McClain.

Eileen ordered the sea bass, John had surf and turf featuring scallops and filet mignon, and I had the duck which was served with a raspberry sauce instead of the traditional orange sauce. The vegetables included asparagus, roasted tomatoes and an onion and carrot sauté.  The starch was mash potatoes. There was nothing special or exotic about the potatoes, but they were good. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal.


Duck Mid-Devour

The dessert choices looked spectacular. Although I am not one to pass on dessert (although I should), the combination of the cheese plate and healthy entrée portions made dessert a bad idea.

I would recommend C-Level especially on a special night that calls for a special meal.

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