Welcome to “The World as We Knew It”. The intent of the site is two-fold. My wife, Eileen, and I have recently become full-time RVers. The house has been sold and the journey has begun. The blog is a way for us to share our journey with family and friends and whoever else might be interested in our travels along the way.

The secondary purpose for the blog is to share my thoughts on a variety of subjects. I have many interests, experiences and concerns and thoughts on all of them. I hope to add a new look or slant on the issues of the day and things that are important to me.

I spent 37 years in the field of education both as a teacher and an administrator. I have coached several sports along the way as well. I have been a off and on practicing musician for over 50 years. As mentioned I have a variety of experiences and interest that allow me to have many ideas and opinions.

I encourage comments and feedback. A healthy dialogue is important especially in the current social and political environment where it seems more important to shout each other down or vilify anyone who disagrees or tries express a complex thought.

All in all, despite the occasional rant, I would like to keep it light and humorous as much as possible. I would like those who visit and partake to leave the site having had a laugh or two, learned a thing or two and having something to think about.

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