Daily Trip Journal – Day 7

Day 7 – October 30, 2017

It was a chilly night in Georgia. (Sounds like the Gladys Knight) In the morning I made my way to the office/restaurant for some of the complimentary pancakes, juice and coffee. Eileen chose to be good and pass. There were also waffles. The owner was at the counter making them and taking orders. There was a variety of syrups. Being in Georgia I chose the peach cobbler syrup. Good choice.

I sat with a very nice woman who was staying in the campground temporarily as part of a crew that travels to businesses to do rehauls and repairs. It made me think of my good friend and relative from Maine, Craig, who passed away a couple of years ago much too soon. Craig was also a person who traveled the country in his fifth wheel to work at nuclear plants during shut down. It is ironic that I just got a comment on the blog two days ago from his wife Mary. We miss him greatly.  And Mary and her daughter Shannon as well of course.

As I was setting up I had the good fortune to meet Mike from Wisconsin who Eileen had met the day before. Mike and his wife Lori are retired teachers from Wisconsin. They have been retired for a couple of years and are another couple who sold it all and hit the road. They seem like very interesting people and I would have liked to get to know them better. Who knows – maybe we will get that chance down the road. Mike and Lori shared that their daughter and son-in-law also have a Jayco Eagle and have had some problems. They turned us on to a support or chat group for Jayco owners that is monitored by Jayco. We plan to look for that.

It was exciting to finally hit Florida. There is a noticeable difference in the condition of the highways between Florida and the other southern states. The highways are in great condition and clean with great signage. I did have a challenging moment crossing the bridge on 295 in Jacksonville. For a person who does not like being five feet off the ground, it was a bit harrowing. I tried to focus on my lane straight ahead. I will admit the view coming off the bridge was stunning.



Going up! and coming down

The KOA campground outside of Orlando is very nice. You can definitely tell you are in Florida. Palm trees and bushes all around. The sun is strong, but it is only in the 70s. It will probably be in the 50s tonight. Sunny days in the 70s and 50s at night. I will take that every day for the next five months.



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