Daily Trip Journal -Days 1 and 2

Tuesday October 24 and Wednesday October 25, 2017

Under a cloudy and gloomy sky Eileen and I left Moodus for our leisurely seven-day trek to Florida. Unfortunately, the weather was not the only thing putting a damper on our first day. The previous Friday the refrigerator decided to act up requiring us to shut it down and find alternative means to save all of our food. I immediately called my good friends at Jayco and Albany RV who initially did what they have done since we discovered that two of our slide outs do not operate properly – next to nothing.

My friend at Jayco retail warranty services actually said to me at one point, “You know these things are  not really meant to be lived in.” I had to remind him that millions of people were presently living in their units. I then went to borrow a dorm refrigerator and cooler from the house in East Hartford to try to salvage whatever food we could.

In the meantime, Eileen called Albany RV and tried a strategy that I had not considered as yet. Aside from yelling angrily which is my go-to move, she cried frustratedly. That worked. That and the fact that she actually got connected with someone who actually cared about our trials and was shocked with much of our story. Bob is the man. He actually offered to come down from Albany on his day off Sunday to check out the refrigerator. Ultimately that could not happen because Norcold, the manufacturer, required the technician to call them while they had eyes on the actual workings in order to ship a part. That meant that we had to go to Albany as the first leg of our trip.

As a bonus, Bob promised to work with Jayco and RVone ‘s store in Tampa to get us the parts and an appointment to fix our slide-out as well.  Have I said that Bob is the man?

We headed out around nine and ran into some rain as we traveled through Western Massachussets and the Berkshires. When we arrived, Bob was waiting for us and assisted with unhooking and dropping the unit off. He promised to work on the refrigerator right away and do whatever diagnosis was necessary on the slide-out to get parts and attempt to get us an appointment in Tampa. He did what he said he would do and did it in what amounted to a 90 minute monsoon that suddenly hit the area.

We spent the night in the Wyndham Microtel right on the same street as Albany RV. The manager was friendly and gave us a 20% discount as customers at Albany RV.  Bob called when he said he would (a occurrence in all of this saga) and shared the good news that the refrigerator was working and that he would let it run overnight to be sure. He even met me at the unit so I could move the food back into the refrigerator that had been stuffed into a cooler before we left.

As promised Bob called in the morning and told us that we could pick our unit up. He had diagnosed the slide-lout issue, made a parts list and emailed all of the information to his supervisor and the service manager in Tampa.

We were hooked up and on our way to our original first stop at the Jonestown/Hershey KOA. It was about a 5.5 hour trip in all. We pulled in about 4 p.m. and we were both exhausted. Murphy’s anxiety had gotten the best of him and he was definitely out of sorts. We set up as best we could and found some leftover cooler food for dinner.


Eileen and Murph after a long day.

We decided to take a walk and stopped at the camp store to get some ice cream. We decided on small pumpkin pie ice cream on waffle cones as our reward for all the stress.. What came was a quart of ice cream each. They have a weird definition of small in Pa.


Murphy deciding what flavor he should have. 

The rest of the evening was uneventful – thank goodness!

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