Poor People’s Pub

Block Island, Rhode Island

On a trip over to Block Island there are many solid recommendations for places to eat. On our recent day trip we decided to take the recommendation of Poor People’s Pub on 33 Ocean Ave. It is a direct 10 -15 minute walk from the harbor. A good walk in ocean air always build an appetite – not that I need an excuse for an appetite.

“Triple P” consists of barroom seating, seating on the front deck and a side patio with several picnic tables. We chose to eat at a picnic table because it was such a nice day. There is an area adjacent to the picnic tables where you can keep the kids busy with some activities. There were some children with their mothers burning off some energy while we waited to order.

The drink menu is fairly extensive. It is a pub afterall. I chose the Poor People’s Pale Ale which I learned later was made by Peak Brewers out of Maine. Oddly enough the next day at another restaurant I would enjoy another beer made by Peak. Peak was two for two.

There is no shortage of offerings from the menu. The menu is eclectic with many sandwich, pizza, seafood, full chicken and beef entrees from which to choose. In fact, there were so many specials choices, the waitress suggested that I go inside and take a picture of the board as she could not recite them all. A very good suggestion on her part. A recitation of all the specials would have eaten up half of our lunch time and extended our growing hunger.


The Specials Board. Overwhelming.

We decided on a half portion of nachos to start. The special feature of the nachos was the duck we chose as our included meat topping. We were glad we had chosen to include the duck and that we had chosen a half portion. Even the half portion was much too large for two people. For our actual lunch (as if we really needed it after the nachos) Eileen ordered the Apple/Pumpkin soup. She asked how large a serving was and the waitress said she thought it was a cup. I ordered the Prosciutto -Fig pizza.

The soup arrived in a small scooped out pumpkin or gourd with the top loosely attached. It was very tasty with small chunks of apple and pumpkin. The pizza was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten. Besides the cooked prosciutto and figs there was goat cheese and peccorino-romano generously sprinkled with an added honey drizzle. Although the pie was on the small side with six slices, I could not even think about eating the entire thing after ingesting a healthy portion of nachos. Needless to say we wrapped the rest and took it with us. I would have fought someone if they suggested otherwise.


The Apple-Pumpkin soup and Prosciutto -Fig pizza

Although we enjoyed the restaurant during a fairly busy lunch hour, I can imagine the pub is a lively night spot on the island as well. I would give the Poor People’s Pub 4 out of 5 tacky lights for its eclectic menu and the quality of the dishes we enjoyed.

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