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Welcome to The World as We Knew It. I hope you find the posts interesting, amusing, and in some cases provocative. The intent of the blog is two-fold. Primarily it is a venue for the musings and reactions of a long-time rant-master. I have some clear and strong opinions and feelings about a number of issues and areas that could be interesting to share with others. Secondarily, my wife Eileen and I have made a major life change. We have decided to be full-time RVers for the foreseeable future. The blog provides an opportunity to share our adventure with friends, family and whoever else would like to share in our trek across America.

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  1. Hope it proves to be a wonderful adventure. Live long and prosper.


  2. I miss you terribly. Every time I walk by your house i curse myself for not having been closer. Love you and miss you both. – Peggy.


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